Monday, July 7, 2008

More Books I Have Not Bought (Yet)

Secret Kneeshakes of the Amputee Masons!

Faking Leukemia for Fun and Sympathy

101 Haiku About Canning and Pickling

Blind Bulgarian Minefield Tap Dancers and Other Horrors of War

Plant a Seed and Watch It Die: A Memoir of Teaching the Hopeless

The Sweaty Man's Guide to Home Wiring

Why I am Still a Zoroastrian

A Timed History of Briefs

How To Kiss A Clown (No Tongues Edition)

What It Might Have Been Like to be Friends With Ian Curtis: a novel

The Collectors' Guide to Damaged Goods

I Before E Except After the Reichstag Fire: A History of the Real Grammar Nazis

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